The people who work in our district should be able to afford to live here, and those that built these communities should not be priced out of them.  As we grow, many have been priced out of the market through growing rent and escalating property taxes. For our communities to thrive, we must create, preserve and sustain safe, quality, affordable housing options. I will support legislation to cap increasing rent prices and also increasing property taxes.


Voting Rights


All Georgians deserve equal voting access, regardless of race, gender, or income. Voter suppression is real in Georgia, and as a representative, I will work to establish easy access to the polls and fight to overturn restrictive voter ID laws in addition to expanding access to early voting. Voter registration should be easy and should last forever.


Gun Regulations

If elected to the state legislature I will take action to reduce gun violence and gun-related deaths in our community. Assault weapons and bump stocks serve no purpose in our state.

Health Care

I support Medicaid expansion or other federal waivers to increase healthcare access. I will also support programs that ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors have access to quality healthcare.



I support school funding and expanding early learning programs access.

I also support fully funding the HOPE Scholarship and changing it to become beneficial to students of the funders. I will also support a need based scholarship for students from low-income families that will make going to a Georgia public 2 year college free of charge.


Economic Growth

I will support legislation that attracts new business to the state, particularly in the 55th District. I will support legislation that improves quality of life for Georgians and makes our state attractive to young talent and our college graduates. I support a living wage for all working Georgians and will work to have minimum wage increased to $15 an hour.

Criminal Justice Reform


I will work to decriminalize possession/use of marijuana, and work to free incarcerated prisoners affected by it. I will support the elimination of cash bail for non-violent offenses. I will also work to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18.